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Prophetic Message for Celestial in 2015

2014 End of Year Message

Message to Celestians Worldwide

Adult Harvest Schedule 2014

Pictures: Jerusalem Pilgrimage 2014

A Message from above: Prophecy from Region C

Tri-State Women Council Charity

Sup. Evang. Akinnibosun

Memorandum #1-2014

Worshipping the Celestial Way

2013 Memorandums

2013 End of Year Message

2013 National Convention Presentation

Convention Pictures 2013

Communique 2013 Tri-State Women's Retreat

Shepherd's/General Council Formation

Shepherd's Council | General Council

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land 2.0
5/2012: Experience the 1st Annual Pilgrimage

2012 End of Year Message 2012 Harvest Schedule 2012 Tri-State Women's Councl Retreat 2012

Life & Times of Pastor SBJ Oshoffa

Region B Executive Council
Memorandum #8

Harvest Highlights 2011
End of Year Message for 2011

Memo #6
Memo #7

Mother of Nations is 60!

Red Cross Japan Donations

Moving Celestial Forward - Sup. Evang. Kunle Lawal

Pastoral Decree regarding Region B

Tr-State Women's Retreat 2011

National Convention 2011 Pictures
Convention Service Day Pictures

2011 National Convention Policy Papers

2010 Harvest Highlights

25th Anniv. of Pastor SBJ Oshoffa: Sermon, NY Parish
Thanksoffering 9.4.10

The lord is our Shepherd