Prayer Days, Important Dates and Feast Of CCC

Everyday:-Morning Prayer - Throughout the year:- 5:30a.m
Every Wednesday:-Service for needy, Barren Women:- 9:00a.m
1st Thursday of each month:- New Moon Service:- 10:00p.m
Every Friday of the week:-Special Service for Prophets and Prophetesses, Dreamers and Visioners at the mercyland:- 6:00p.m
2nd to 8th January of every year:-Week of Prayer:- 6:00p.m
2nd of March of every year:-Rememberance Service for Pastor P.H Ajose:- 12:00noon
Saturday before Palm Sunday:-Washing of Feet of Shepherds at KM 35 - 4:00p.m
Monday to Sat. before Easter:-Fasting & Prayer:- 6:00p.m
13th Sept. of every year:-S/Ev N.A Yansunnu's transition remembrance:-3:00p.m
19th Sept.:-S/Ev N.A Yansunnu's burial remembrance:- 3:00p.m
Palm Sunday:-Special Serivce:- 10:00a.m
Holy Thursday:-Washing of feet and Holy Communion in all Parishes :- 8:00p.m
Holy Friday:-In Parishes Gathering of the Faithful in the Easter Eve (Sat.):- 10:00a.m
Easter Sunday:-Special Service:- 10:00a.m
Easter Monday:-Meeting Jesus Christ at Galilee
Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ:-40 Day after Ressurection.
Pentecost:-50th Day after Ressurrection
May 13-18:-Special prayer to prepare for day of Pentecost.
Juvenile Harvest:-1st Sunday of every June of the Year:- 10:00a.m
3rd July of every year:-Pa Ajanlekoko's rememberance service:- 12:00a.m
1st Friday in July of Every Year:-Holy Mary Day:- 6:00p.m
1st Sunday in August of every year:-National HQs Adult Harvest at Makoko - Nigeria
August 22nd:-Sup. Evangelist S.O Ajanlekoko burial remeberance service.
8th of September of every year:-Remeberance Service for Rev. A.A Bada:- 12:00noon
9th & 10th of Sept. of every year:-Remembrance service for Pastor and Founder REv. S.B.J Oshoffa.
3rd Sunday in Sept. of Every Year:-Celestial City Imeko World Headquarters Adult Harvest.
29th Sept of every year:-Special Service in rememberance of the Birth of C.C.C and Pastor A.A. Bada's Rememberance Service
1st Sunday in October of every year:-Adult Harvest at Porto Novo - 10:00a.m
14th of Oct. of every Year:-Rememberance - Foundation laying of Celestial City, Imeko
19th Oct. of every year:-Pastor Founder's Burial Memorial Service in Imeko City.
3rd Sunday of every year:-International HQs Adult Harvest, Ketu.
23 to 25th Dec.:-Christmas Merry making
31st December:-Thanksgiving Service for end of of year:- 10:00p.m

The lord is our Shepherd